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Christof & Carina

Wild Fox Photography was more than a lucky pick for us. We have been planning to getting married in Italy, but we live in Austria - so we have been contacting several photographers in the area. It didn't take long because of the lovely photos on her homepage and we decided to go with Kristina. She has been a great help before "our day", with several phone calls (she is fluent in English too) and she even visited the wedding location before to get a feeling for everything. She made us feel really comfortable with our decision, that she has everything well in hand and under control. But that was nothing compared to the wedding day itself. She completely overdelivered what we were kind of expecting from a photographer. She has been all over the place - took pictures of the landscape, the people, the rooms, did drone shots - just everything. But what was really the most importa nt thing for us, she had an unbelievable feeling on scenes and moments and how to catch them - nothing artificial - all the photos feel so natural. And the funniest and one of the best things - she knows how to move like a ghost. You see a moment and think "that would be a great photo" - the same moment you hear a CLICK over your shoulder - she was just one step ahead. A highly professional, well structured, creative, flexible, open-minded-for-your-ideas and just overall a lovely and warm hearted person.


It was our first time doing a couple photoshoot and Kristina made us feel so comfortable. She was great at giving us suggestions on the different poses and locations to take photos around Florence. We were very happy and impressed with the final set of edited photos that she sent us. Thank you for making our first time experience so enjoyable!


I really cannot recommend Kristina enough! She captured my surprise proposal on our trip to Italy and everything from the planning to the shoot to the final photos were absolutely perfect.
It is hard enough planning a surprise proposal in another country, at a venue you have not visited but coordinating the photography with Kristina was a breeze. She was incredibly friendly and professional reaching out to the venue ahead of time and arriving before us to get set up. She was fantastic during the shoot, making us feel at ease and guiding us as we took pictures around the venue. I absolutely love her style of photography and the end product speaks for itself. Kristina I cannot thank you enough!


Dear Kristina, Thank you so much for the friendly, professional and knowledge photo session. It was really a pleasure to work with you. You made us feel very comfortable and natural during the session. It was very much appreciated all of the unique knowledge you had of the city, as well as being able to get us access to private place where the public could not go. We enjoyed the pictures very much. Your knowledge of English, Italian and Russian was also very unique and helpful! We look forward to working with you again. 


Già conoscevo Kristina e la sua professionalità quando ho deciso di affidarmi a lei per un servizio fotografico. Non essendo particolarmente fotogenica, ho subito esposto i miei dubbi sulla riuscita dell’impresa. Devo dire che mi sono ricreduta. Cristina è stata perfetta sia nella scelta di location, sia nel mettermi a proprio agio. Finalmente ho delle foto che posso mostrare con l’orgoglio. Grazie mille!!!


Kristina is a great professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. We met at a dinner photo shoot at my friend’s wedding in Tuscany. Though we didn’t have much time for personal photos, Kristina was able to produce a whole range of high-quality pieces that I completely fell in love with. Kristina’s style is unique and charming - the photos I've got convey the atmosphere of Tuscany and look like from some old Italian movie. Thanks a lot for your work! I’m very happy with the results and recommend Kristina to everyone who wants to capture unforgettable life moments, be it a wedding day, a touching love story, a dinner with friends or just hanging out on a lazy Italian afternoon.


Спасибо большое Кристине за чудестные фото такого важного для нас момента, как ожидание нашего первенца! Трогательные, не банальные, веселые и в то же время нежные фото. Невозможно было передать более точно все те эмоции, которые переполняли меня в этот чудесный период! Я очень рада, что решила обратиться к Кристине!​


Ты необыкновенный портретный фотограф. У тебя талант к цветовым решениям и игре света и тени. 

Я тебе аплодирую стоя! Bravissima!!


Ti ho conosciuta prima come amica e dopo come fotografa ma posso garantire che la tua anima va oltre la macchina fotografica!le tue foto hanno messo in luce oltre alla mia bellezza la mia vera essenza di donna...sei professionale ma sai come far stare bene le persone davanti all obiettivo con delicatezza e tatto.grazie di tutto​


Amare il proprio lavoro e svolgerlo con passione è il segreto principale.
Sei stata capace di mettere a proprio agio anche chi non è abituato a farsi fotografare. È stato tutto per caso però, l'empatia e il sorriso insieme alla tua professionalità ci ha fatto divertire e sentire delle star .
Sei speciale Kri!
Grazie dei bellissimi scatti e buona fortuna in tutto quello che fai .Non vedo l'ora di ripetere l'esperienza . Baci 


Assolutamente unica

Ragazzi mi spiace solo che esistano solo 5 stelle perchè ne meriterebbe almeno il doppio. Ha fatto un servizio eccellente ma la cosa unica è che ama il suo lavoro e lo fa con passione senza guardare l'orologio. Ti mette a tuo agio e davvero se dovete scegliere una fotografa non pensateci due volt ... Prendetela se non ha impegni perché prevedo che nel futuro visto l'altra professionalità non avrà molte giornate libere. Grazie di cuore per gli scatti unici che hai donato al nostro giorno speciale.


It was a pleasure to work with Kristina. We were on a holiday in Tuscany and we were looking for a photographer for a wedding session. I am really glad that we chosen Wild Fox Photography! Kristina is so friendly so we felt really comfortable during the session. And beautiful pictures are the best souvenir from our vacation.


Нашла Кристину фактически совершенно случайно, и буквально с первых сообщений в мессенджере поняла, что мы с ней абсолютно совпадаем, и я могу доверить ей съемку очень важного мероприятия - девичника моей близкой подруги во Флоренции. Кристина не только сделала потрясающие фотографии, но и стала незаменимым участником девичника - так легко и весело нам было вместе с ней, как будто она одна из наших подружек, и мы знакомы сто лет. Кристина даже позаботилась о том, чтобы найти нам воздушные шарики для красивого антуража и привезти их с собой. Теперь уже хочется планировать новую поездку в Италию, чтобы обязательно снова увидеться с Кристиной и получить новую порцию профессиональных и очень живых, а не постановочных фотографий. Кристина, спасибо тебе от всего сердца! Ты сделала наш вечер :-*


Большое спасибо за чудесную фотосессию и прекрасные фотографии! Получились очень позитивные и живые фотографии. Ты смогла уловить и передать наше настроение. Было очень комфортно, легко и приятно провести этот день. Большое спасибо, что вкладываешь душу в свою работу, даришь радость и счастливые воспоминания. Все очень понравилось. Будем всем рекомендовать тебя.


Хочу сказать большое спасибо за фотографии! В моем личном архиве не так много снимков меня. Но благодаря тебе, теперь они есть. Яркие воспоминания, которые запечатлены в кадрах - это очень ценно! Кроме того, что ты делаешь то, что любишь, ты ещё и очень приятныя девушка. Сниматься было легко и весело! Спасибо ещё раз!


Kristina è bravissima!! Ha un sacco di idee originali e creative. La sua scelta delle inquadrature, la luce, tutto mi ha lasciato a bocca aperta! Ti mette così tanto a tuo agio che gli scatti risultano davvero spontanei e naturali. Sono entusiasta del lavoro che abbiamo fatto e non vedo l’ora di fare un altro shooting con lei. Consigliatissima!!


Kristina è bravissima! Ci mette cuore, anima e tanto impegno nel suo lavoro.
Disponibile e sincera e ti fa sentire a tuo agio per riuscire a fare le foto al meglio possibile.


Спасибо тебе огромное за твою работу! Это был потрясающий опыт.Фото прекрасные.Мне супер-повезло,что я сразу попала на тебя.Ты так все хорошо организовала.У меня вообще способностей нет,но Крис все мне показала,настроила на нужную волну.Мне очень понравилось с тобой работать и общаться,надеюсь еще увидимся.


We are so happy that we chose Kristina as our wedding photographer! She has a talent to capture the most natural and beautiful moments.
We first booked her for a couple shooting in Tuscany. Since we aren't very experienced in modelling / beeing fotographed, she gave us some advice and inspiration. That helped us to relax and interact more natural infront of the camera.
For our wedding she was open to our ideas and also came up with her own ones. Our guests barely noticed her taking pictures which resulted in the most natural photos. She paid attention to what was happening around her and managed to capture every fun moment, even those which we as a newlywed couple hadn't noticed.
Thank you for your wonderful work! We are looking for the next occasion to book you and see you again.


Kristina mi ha fatto un set fotografico e ne sono rimasta molto soddisfatta. È riuscita a mettermi al mio aggio e creare atmosfera allegra e amichevole fun da subito. Con le sue idee creative abbiamo fatto diverse scene cambiando look e allestimenti della location. Sarò sicuramente contenta di continuare le nostre collaborazioni anche nel futuro


Kristina is an absolutely incredible photographer, and we are so happy that we were able to find her for our proposal photo session! Not only does she have the amazing talent of finding the perfect angle and lighting, she is also extremely personable and helped put us at ease and clearly explained how to get the best poses and expressions. The results were simply stunning photographs that we love. I highly recommend her photography services for any occasion that you may be looking to book.


Kristina is amazing! Easy to book and helped me pick a perfect spot for my engagement. She went above and beyond by scouting out the area the day before to make sure it was a good place. She provided great direction for different photo poses. She was easygoing and so helpful. The photos she delivered were beautiful. We're very happy with how they turned out and glad we got to work with her.


Kristina oltre ad essere molto simpatica é un'ottima porfessionista. L'ho scelta per il mio matrimonio e sono davvero soddisfatta del risultato, con la sua allegria riesce a mettere a proprio agio anche chi non ha l'indole del fotomodello. Disponibile e flessibile per l'organizzazione, offre vari servizi a prezzi concorrenziali. La consiglio vivamente.




Kristina is an excellent photographer who took beautiful photos of my wife and her friends during a photoshoot in Tuscany. She went above and beyond by visiting the locations in advance to prepare for the session. Her work perfectly captured the essence of their trip and the joy of their group. Kristina’s work reflects the friendship and the warmth of the moments.

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